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The New Age Movement

June 29th, 2014

Faith and Happiness @ 01:50 pm

I am about to leave for mass with my mother. She believes the catholic route so much. For me, it’s not so black and white. I find faith to be important to human nature. Think about it- Without faith what do we have to keep us going?! It is what's there in the moments you don’t want to get out of bed. In the darkness, I have to just look for it a little harder. And, I say it because I think it's important to find a higher power that suits you. I am still in the process of finding my own true faith. However, I am much happier than before I started. The key is to knowing there is a big difference between organized religion (denominations, churches, ect.) and being spiritually fit. At mass, I can always tell those who believe and those who are there just because they feel they should. It’s not an act either. Those few, who have faith, don’t keep peaking to see who is watching. They close their eyes and let themselves feel it. It’s only them and god at least for an hour a week. That is a feeling I was always slightly jealous of.

If I had to pick a religion, I am somewhere between Christian and Pagan. For those who don't know, Pagan is spirituality in nature. (I am going to add a link at the bottom with more info.) I believe God is everywhere and everything. He can take many forms to guide you on the path you are meant to be on. I find walking in the woods and just keeping my eyes open to those around me is where I can feel god the most. The biggest thing is that you find your own way! I can sit in church every Sunday, like I did for years, and get nothing out of it. Today, I use it as a time to meditate and spend time with my god once a week. I keep my ears open for any words of wisdom I could need to hear and just relax. It’s not perfection, but nothing is ever perfect.

At first, I even faked it and forced it. I read books and researched different religions. I tried to apply some of them to my life. It took me awhile to realize I was going about this all wrong. I needed to find a place where I felt a connection. I needed a place that I felt peace. One night, I got terribly upset and went for a walk. I found a path off the road and just walked through the tress. I listen to the earth crack and crunch under my hastened feet. I felt the wind brush my face. Next thing I know, I wasn’t so upset. My pace and heart rate slowed as I made my way forward. After that, I kept doing this every day. I would go for a walk on this path whenever I needed to. You could, almost, say that became my higher power. I let go. It was then I started to pray. I would pray every day, even when I didn’t want too. I would make sure to do extra on my bad days. Things started to look up again. No matter what happen- I was good because I started to trust in something bigger.

I, now, have a balance in my life between letting go of control of everything and trusting in something far greater then myself. That was all I needed- I needed to realize that god would do for me if I was open to putting good vibes out there for him. I spend some time everyday breathing and taking a look at my day. The difference is I feel more tranquility about life. SO, If You have something to throw my way- Give me your best shot.

That’s how faith started the best change of my life. Now, I am working on things I love and trusting that life will work as it should. It is a huge reason for this page. I want to share my journeys and feelings for others. Nevertheless, non-believer out there need not worry. This blog isn’t going to be crazy religious ramblings. I just plan to share on faith from time to time. Mostly, I am doing this to educate. I will attach some further links below if you are interested in looking further.

Here is some general information on paganism from BBC. There are many sites and books on the subject too. If you have any questions- Please ask. I'd love to share knowledge on it.

More of faith and happiness http://www.happy-science.org/the-importance-of-faith

Psychology today http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/am-i-right/201209/why-faith-is-important
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